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Studio GRC: A Creative Home for Singers, Songwriters, and Performers.

At Studio GRC, our teaching philosophy is simple: We believe artists do their best work when they are supported. We believe the magic happens when our professional and aspiring voice artists know they're receiving first-rate, expert guidance from a professional who is 100% dedicated to their success.

Individualized Learning Process

Artistic growth should be a positive and motivating experience. At Studio GRC, we provide our music students with expert instruction rooted in our teaching philosophy - that artists do their best work when expert guidance and total support come together. 

Our teaching philosophy pertains to all our offerings - voice lessons, vocal coaching (learn about the differences on Our Offerings page), and vocal production. So that you can work towards your goals from whatever stage of performing you are at.  


With solid vocal technique, clear goals, and a strong emphasis on your individual learning style, you'll open the doorway of potential for your journey as an artist. 


Wherever you're at…we’ve got you. 

You're here for a reason - and whatever that is, we can help. 

Whether you're an aspiring singer that's just starting out, a musical theater performer wanting to ease performance anxiety for your next audition or a songwriter looking for feedback before you record. The work we do at our professional studio will allow you to do what you do at the highest level possible. 

Every moment you spend with us, we want you to feel inspired, excited, empowered and full of actionable direction — you should always know what you're working on and how to focus your time and energy.  

Artistic Development
Creating A Focused Game Plan.

At Studio GRC, artistic development is just as essential as technical development. We work with our clients to create an actionable game plan to achieve their voice, production and performance goals. 

Whether auditioning for a college musical theater program, recording your first single or finding out how to take the first steps in your career, we will help you create an action-specific game plan. 

Image by Cecilie Johnsen

All Are Welcome 

We welcome students of any race, ethnicity, gender, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+, and any or no religious status. To quote Miranda Lambert in the Queer Eye theme song, "Y'all means all"! 

Everyone should have access to music. Our process at Studio GRC is about understanding the unique needs of each singer and performer, so they can create music and art, bringing it to as many people in the world as possible.

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