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Vocal Producer/Recording Coach


Deliver Your Best Performance

You spend countless hours of emotional and physical energy preparing for a voice recording as a performer. Maybe you are recording your EP or recording vocal tracks for a demo reel or competition. Regardless of the project, once you get into the studio, you have one job: to deliver your best performance. 

And that is where a great vocal producer can make a huge difference. 

"Working with Rebecca through voice was transformative for me. We only had a short time from training, but she utilized the time to the fullest, locating the "trouble spots" in my piece and tackling them with me. She teaches her students how to focus on technique and precision while not sacrificing musicality and artfulness. Rebecca is professional and personable; she makes what could be a vulnerable experience warm and comfortable. I would highly recommend music students of any age to work with Rebecca!"

K. M. M.


What Is A Vocal Producer?

A vocal producer is a specialist who works with the artist to achieve the best vocal performance possible. This is done at the recording time (Rebecca will be with you while you record) and can include voice, mindset, and performance directive work. 

Rebecca will help you tap into your authentic core and showcase what makes you a unique and powerful vocalist, storyteller, and performer.

Once Rebecca understands your material and how you want it to be, she will be your support system and vocal ally, ensuring that you achieve your best possible performance. 

Pre Studio Sessions

If you are new to Studio GRC, at least one pre-recording session is required to work together. This allows for developing a working vocabulary, ensuring that your recording session can be as productive and effective as possible.

A pre-recording voice session also allows Rebecca to get to know you and your work and devise a plan to best help you achieve your recording goals in session. 

Selections for Comping

Have a bunch of takes and need help selecting which ones work best together to tell the song's story the way you want?

Not sure which vocal takes are your strongest? 


Great, book a session! Let's make some decisions and bring out your best.


If you are new to Studio GRC, please email us before booking at or book a free, 10-min Zoom client consultation with us to discuss the best plan for us to help you.

Vocal Production Is Not:

Voice lessons.

While there may be some overlap, we will not focus on your vocal technique but rather on achieving your best possible performance.


Vocal engineering or Track production.

Many expert engineers are available that can edit and master your tracks. We are not one of them but would be happy to direct you if you need referrals. 

Need Feedback On Your Recordings?

Everyone — and we do mean everyone — needs trusted, professional feedback on their work. Whether you are stuck and need help selecting audition takes or just want another set of ears to give you feedback on your latest recording, we are here to help! 

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