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Vocal Coaching


Refine & Perfect Your Performance Technique 

Singers preparing for auditions, recordings, or live performances often hire a vocal coach. Vocal coaching focuses on the performance elements of your singing. These can include audition skills, tweaking lyrics, performance mindset, or helping you tap into and access the emotional core of your work.

The focus of vocal coaching is on the performance and interpretation of the work, not on the singing technique (although we can cover that, too).

While there is overlap between singing lessons and voice coaching, understanding the difference can help you get the most out of your session.

Learn more about voice lessons here.

"I’ve been working with Rebecca for 4 years, and I can honestly say she’s changed my life. Rebecca is extremely warm, compassionate, and intuitive in her teaching style, incorporating consideration for the mind and body and crafting techniques that work for me individually. With her help, I’ve been able to improve my vocal range, expression, technical skills, and sing in a way that I never thought was possible for me. She’s given me the confidence to connect to my performances on a deeper level and an invaluable space for artists to connect and support each other."

Erin Lien, Vocalist 


Vocal Coaching Includes:

  • Performance technique 

  • Song interpretation 

  • Phrasing, Style, Diction 

  • Diving deep into a song (be it a Musical Theater audition piece or your own original work)

  • Working to understand the emotional core of your song and therefore access your best performance. 

  • Learning to sing with a musical accompaniment (backing track or live musicians) 

  • Mindset performance training that relieves performance anxiety and helps you deliver your best work. 

Studio GRC helping singers and actors master their voice and book the work they want with confidence.

Ready To Transform Your Performance Ability
And Finally Feel Confident On Stage?

If you are seeking a dynamic, skilled, and unconditionally supportive environment for singing lessons, voice coaching, and vocal production, Studio GRC is the place for you. 

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