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Train in New York City or Online And Practice Anywhere In The World.

If you are seeking a dynamic, skilled, and unconditionally supportive environment for singing lessons, voice coaching, and vocal production, Studio GRC is the place for you. 


Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are for singers or actors at any stage of their learning who are looking to focus on their singing voice and develop a consistent, reliable, and healthy vocal technique.

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching focuses on the performance elements of your singing. These can include audition skills, tweaking lyrics, performance mindset, or accessing the emotional core of your work.


Recording Coaching

When recording, you have one job: to deliver your best performance.  A vocal producer is a specialist who works with the artist to achieve the best vocal performance possible for your recording.


Feedback Sessions

Whether you are stuck and need help selecting audition takes or just want another set of ears to give you feedback on your latest recording, we are here to help! 


Audition Preparation

Rebecca has extensive experience auditioning, hiring musicians and casting actors. She would love to share her knowledge with you. Audition preparation goes far beyond just memorizing the material. 


Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are offered to students aged 7 to 107! We will work together to learn the fundamentals of piano playing techniques and play the music you love.

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Performance Opportunities

We believe in performing as much as possible and want to give you the space to do so. We offer weekly open mics and multiple virtual concerts throughout the year for our students.

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