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Voice Lessons

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Are You Ready To Find Your Voice?

Voice lessons are for singers or actors at any stage of their learning who are looking to focus on their singing voice and develop a consistent, reliable, and healthy vocal technique.


We begin singing lessons with singers aged 12 and above. *Singers aged 10-12 are accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

"Rebecca is the real deal. She is a total pro and an excellent teacher. It's hard to find someone who is both! She has a comprehensive understanding of vocal technique and has taught me how to feel it in my body so that I can sing confidently in any setting. I highly recommend working with Rebecca."

Lauren Minear- professional singer-songwriter. 

Currently working with Studio on her upcoming solo album

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Vocal Lessons Include:

  • Developing the fundamentals of vocal technique, including breath control and bodywork.

  • Vocal warm-ups geared toward the technical elements the student is working on.

  • Work on pitch and tone quality.

  • Work on vocal range, stamina, and strength.

  • Voice register development. (head, chest, mix) 

  • Musical fundamentals such as note reading, rhythm, etc.

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Reach Your Potential
With Expert  Training.

Our singing lessons are for anyone looking to build their confidence and vocal abilities.


Whether you are a seasoned professional singer, high schooler, dancer looking to audition for musical theater, or on-camera actor, we can work with you to strengthen your skills.

With your individual goals in mind, we will work on music you love and help you reach your potential with expert vocal training.  

Studio GRC helping singers and actors master their voice and book the work they want with confidence.


If you are seeking a dynamic, skilled, and unconditionally supportive environment for singing lessons, voice coaching, and vocal production, Studio GRC is the place for you. 

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