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We Believe Artists Do Their Best Work When They Are Supported 

At Studio GRC, our teaching philosophy is simple: We believe artists do their best work when they are supported. 

We believe the magic happens when our professional and aspiring voice artists know they're receiving first-rate, expert guidance from a professional who is 100% dedicated to their success. At Studio GRC, we provide our music students with expert instruction rooted in our teaching philosophy.

Singing lessons in midtown NYC
Virtual Voice Lessons
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Wherever You're At…We’ve Got you. 

You're here for a reason - and whatever that is, we can help. 

Whether you're an aspiring singer that's just starting out, a musical theater performer wanting to ease performance anxiety for your next audition or a songwriter looking for feedback before you record. The work we do at our professional studio will allow you to do what you do at the highest level possible. 


Every moment you spend with us, we want you to feel inspired, excited, empowered and full of actionable direction. You should always know what you're working on and where to focus your time and energy.

Voice Lessons
And Coaching

Professional singing lessons are for singers or actors who are looking to focus on their singing voice technique. Coaching focuses on the interpreative and performance elements of your singing. 

Studio Recording

A great vocal producer can make a huge difference in your recording results. Rebecca can work with you to achieve your best possible vocal performance. This includes voice, mindset, and performance directive work. 


We believe in performing as much as possible and want to give you the space to do so. We offer weekly

open mics and multiple virtual concerts throughout the year for our students.


Audition preparation goes far beyond just memorizing the material. Rebecca has extensive experience auditioning, hiring musicians and casting actors and she would love to share her knowledge with you.


Book Your Free Zoom Consultation!

If you are seeking a dynamic, skilled, and unconditionally supportive environment for singing lessons and coaching Studio GRC is the place for you. Book your free 10-minute consultation call today!

What Our Clients Are Saying

I play piano and sing. Rebecca was able to meet me where I was on each instrument, as well as guide me to the next level of playing. A combination of her empathy, deep musical knowledge, and performance background makes it very easy to ask questions and grow from my mistakes.

Andrew Orobator

Professional Piano Lessons Virtual

With Rebecca's help, I’ve been able to improve my vocal range, expression, technical skills, and sing in a way that I never thought was possible for me. She’s given me the confidence to connect to my performances on a deeper level and an invaluable space for artists to connect and support each other.

Erin Lien

Singing Lessons Midtown Manhattan

Rebecca is the real deal. She is a total pro and an excellent teacher. It's hard to find someone who is both! She has a comprehensive understanding of vocal technique and has taught me how to feel it in my body so that I can sing confidently in any setting. I highly recommend working with Rebecca.

Lauren Minear

Singer Songwriter Coaching
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