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So...What Is This "Whole Person Vocal Coaching" about anyhow? 

Whole Person Vocal Coaching is a holistic approach to voice training that goes beyond a purely technical focus on singing. It emphasizes developing the singer's voice, addressing mindset blocks and strategies, developing dependable self-confidence and creating personalized plans to achieve artistic and career goals.


This method considers the entire person, including their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, to unlock their full potential as a vocalist and artist.

Singing lessons in midtown NYC
Virtual Voice Lessons
Studio GRC helping singers and actors master their voice and book the work they want with confidence.

Wherever You're At…We’ve Got you. 

You're here for a reason, and whatever that is—welcome! We're here to help.


Whether you're an aspiring singer working towards a career, a musical theater performer overcoming performance anxiety, or a songwriter preparing for your next recording, the work we do at our professional studio will enable you to perform at the highest level possible.


As we believe in accountability and concrete action plans, every moment you spend with us should leave you feeling inspired, excited, empowered, and full of actionable direction. You will always know what you're working on and where to focus your time and energy.


Book Your Free, Limited Time  Discovery Session!

If you are seeking a dynamic, skilled, and unconditionally supportive environment for singing lessons and Artist Development Coaching, Studio GRC is the place for you. Book your free Zoom Discovery sesson today. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

I play piano and sing. Rebecca was able to meet me where I was on each instrument, as well as guide me to the next level of playing. A combination of her empathy, deep musical knowledge, and performance background makes it very easy to ask questions and grow from my mistakes.

Andrew O

Performer and Songwriter for the NYC duo ISOSA

Professional Piano Lessons Virtual

Rebecca is an absolutely fantastic teacher, I'm learning so much and feel very encouraged! Not only is she able to teach technique but helps me to understand and connect to the emotional core of a song. It's also helpful to be taught by someone actively working in theater who has suggestions on how to take your skills outside the classroom. I recommend Rebecca to anyone and everyone, she is the best voice teacher I've ever had

Courtney K

Performing credits include, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, 

NYC's Afterwork Theatre and more. 


Rebecca is the real deal. She is a total pro and an excellent teacher. It's hard to find someone who is both! She has a comprehensive understanding of vocal technique and has taught me how to feel it in my body so that I can sing confidently in any setting. I highly recommend working with Rebecca.

Lauren M

Touring and Studio Recording Artist 

Singer Songwriter Coaching
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