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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do lessons/coaching take place?
    We Zoom! Zoom has a terrific set-up for music (we can show you in your lesson) and allows students from all over to study at Studio GRC. Need Rebecca in person? Great! she would love to join you IRL. Reach out, and let’s chat! Projects are arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • Does Studio GRC offer a referral program?
    Yes, we sure do! Your support and endorsement of Studio GRC means the world to us, and helps our studio grow! Please take a look at our 2023-2024 studio referral program and thanks for helping spread the Studio GRC love! Refer a student and you receive: 15% off your next monthly lesson package(for weekly monthly referrals) OR a $25 credit toward your next individual session (for single lesson referrals) Your referral receives: 1 complimentary 25-minute virtual session A $50 credit towards their first month of lessons (for weekly students only). Just have your referral reach out to us at, use your name and you will both be credited the discounted rate. Email: Phone: 617-758-9564 Website: Instagram: @thestudiogrc Platform: In-Person in Midtown NYC OR Virtual! Study with us in the convenience of your own home. **Referral discounts are applicable for current, weekly students only.
  • What is the difference between Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching?
    While there can be an overlap between voice lessons and vocal coaching, understanding the difference will help you get the most out of your session. Voice lessons: Voice lessons are for singers/actors at any stage of their learning, looking to focus on and develop a healthy, reliable and consistent vocal technique. Study includes vocal health, breath work, vocal register development, music fundamentals and more. More here. Vocal Coaching: Vocal coaching focuses on the performance elements of your singing - audition skills, tweaking lyrics, performance mindset or helping you tap into and access the emotional core of your work. Singers preparing for auditions, recordings or live performances often hire a vocal coach. Coaching focuses not on the technical singing (although we can cover that too) but on the performance and interpretation of the work. More here.
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