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Audition Preparation

Ace Your Next Audition
With Expert Level Skills

Rebecca has extensive experience auditioning, hiring musicians and casting actors. ( To learn more about her work as an Artistic Director, have a look at her bio. )

She would love to share her knowledge with you.


Audition preparation goes far beyond just memorizing the material. 

Audition tape due tomorrow and need guidance ASAP?

Audition tape due tomorrow and need guidance ASAP?

No worries!! We can help you with a last-minute feedback session or let's work together and nail that audition together!


Please see our FAQ page regarding how to book feedback sessions. 

Audition Preparation
With Us Includes:

Material Preparation:

Let's work together to learn that 16 bar cut or

monologue effectively.  



There are several components to outstanding performance, from musical phrasing to acting. These elements make a huge difference in your audition and can make the difference between a "hell, yes!" and a "no, thank you."



Struggling with audition anxiety? You are not alone! Let's work on it and help you focus on what you love: performing. 


Audition Recording:

Rebecca can be with you to record your takes and help you record your best work possible. 

Last-minute self-tape or audition due? No worries — We’ve got you! Book a session, and let's Get. It. Done.

Studio GRC helping singers and actors master their voice and book the work they want with confidence.

College Audition Preperation

Have you or your child decided to go to college for the Performing Arts? 

CONGRATS!!! We know the process of preparing for college auditions can be overwhelming.

Still, first, we want to congratulate you on this decision.

Welcome to the professional performing artist club! We are so happy to have you!


Rebecca has also been through the college audition process for both her undergrad and Master's degrees in Classical Voice. She has also prepared many students for their college audition, helping them put their best foot forward and ace their audition.


We can work together to:

Figure out the best school for you and narrow down that preliminary list.

Discover the repertoire that best showcases YOU and highlights your unique performance and individual skills.

Prepare and shoot your prescreen auditions.

Review and help prepare your headshots or resume.

Get ready to perform your auditions (!!) 

Mindset work to help you showcase yourself as your most authentic, prepared, and present self.


Please email us before booking at or book a free, 10-min Zoom new client consultation with us to discuss the best plan for us to help you. 

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